Want to Ship a Vehicle to Sri Lanka? Here is how..


  • Under the above category the only way you can import a vehicle to Sri Lanka is through a LETTER OF CREDIT.
  • To open a L/C you need to send a PROFORMA invoice to the party in SL.
  • They need to take that to the bank and request to open a L/C.

For D/CABS and vans age limit is 4 years

At the mean time you need to purchase the vehicle paying the full price. Do not wait until you get the money from the LC to purchase the vehicle.

Once your contact party (relative/ Friend) open the L/C, you should get a copy through the banking system in the UK. Then only you can ship the vehicle.
You cannot ship the vehicle before they open the L/C.

Once you receive the original L/C you need to comply with it’s conditions prepare all necessary documents and submit to the bank in the UK. (Trico UK provide this service and we charge £50.00 for that)

Once the documents gone back to the opening bank in Sri Lanka, then only they will release the funds to come to UK bank, (Your bank ). For this process it will take approximately two weeks from the date of submitting documents to the bank in the UK

In addition to the above you need to apply for Bureau De VERITAS certificate from Colombo.

We can apply on your behalf, We need following documents.

– Original V5 ( Log Book) of the vehicle,

– Copy of the profomra

– Copy of the latest MOT certificate for your vehicle

Cost as follows:

£ 200.00 per vehicle

You pay direct to Trico, and we will get the certificates for you.

Please note this certificate need to obtain before the vehicle loaded into the container, without this certificate you cannot register the vehicle in Sri- Lanka

We can offer you to share a 40ft container with another customer.

– If you have one car , To share a 40ft container Freight cost inclusive of loading, Lashing and securing and BV inspection £1100.00 excluding insurance.

– If you have two cars Freight cost will be £850.00 PER CAR plus BV (£200.00) including loading Lashing and securing in a 40ft container. Total will be £2100.00.

– Your cars will be loaded at our yard. The above price excluding insurance.

– If you have THREE cars container freight cost will be including loading & lashing will be £1950.00 plus BV inspection £150 .00 per car ( £450.00 for three cars ) excluding insurance. Total £2550.00

– We can offer insurance 3.75% on the value of the LC

– You can deliver your cars 7 days a week. Unitl 10pm in the night.

– Vessel sail once a week transit time to Colombo is 25 days

– We need copy of the V5 ( DVLA Registration documents),

Copy of the VERITAS

– If your vehicle under two years old, ship it using a L/C, need a copy of the L/C

– Insurance 3.75% on the value of the vehicle

Please note once the vehicle arrives in Colombo port, you need to take the Bill of Lading to Trico Colombo to collect the D/O (Delivery order). You will be requesting to pay £190.00 to collect the D/O This is not customs clearance fee. If you need assistance to customs clear your vehicle please asks them to give you a quotation.

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